What does a session look like?

In the beginning we will meet a few times to talk about what you’re struggling with, for us to get a sense of each other, and for you to tell me something about your history.

Next, we will agree to a frequency for meeting — usually once a week (sometimes more often) for 50 minutes. Within this time, you are free to sit (or make yourself comfortable on the couch) and talk about whatever’s on your mind. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, concerns, and questions with someone, in itself, is very relieving. You will also find that as we work together you start telling a story, in your own way, which helps both of us make sense of your life and your struggles, and gives us a useful perspective on your world. I will engage with you, ask questions, and make comments that are intended to help you see yourself and what’s going on in your life better. You can talk about anything, in any way you want to. The point of therapy is to transform feelings, thoughts, wishes and fears into a conversation — the most powerfully healing activity we have.